The Xylophagous are causing major pests of wood. They attack wood weakening its structure. Therefore, Urgentia offers an extensive team of professionals that will solve all your pest immediately.

¡Quiero librarme de ellas!

Protect your home of tiger mosquito for much less than you would think with the best specialists.

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Control de plagas en Alicante | Urgentia

Urban pest control

Total control of all your problems with the most common pests.


Legionella control

We study the main physical, chemical and biological contaminants.


Control Xylophagous

Major pests of wood: woodworm, termites, etc.

Food consulting and Hygienic advice

Management systems of food safety.


Collaboration and representation with the laboratories of Alicante Pharmacists Association (COFA).

Control birds

Different and effective systems for controlling pests of urban birds: spikes, repellent, fattened, …

Why Urgentia?


In Urgentia advocate for quality services and personalized treatment for each problem and customer, providing fast and effective solutions.



Our technicians

Urgentia consists of real experts of urban pest control and disinfection.

Our work

Professionalism and experience have enabled us to provide excellent quality services.

Our commitment

We are in constant study of pests and methodologies to provide real solutions to every problem.

How do we work?

In Urgentia we work to prevent all kinds of pests with the most innovative methods in the industry.

Established pests

Our technicians will determine the different physical and / or chemical to reduce it to its eradication.

Engloba group

Do not hesitate and get in the hands of true professionals with extensive experience and the most useful and innovative tools on the market.

Our main premise is prevention. Request a customized quote.

¡Quiero eliminar mis plagas!

The safety of a protected home

Plagas bajo control

Métodos de prevención

+15 años de experiencia


Clientes Satisfechos


Physico-chemical and microbiological analysis of all types of inland water and food.

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